Le Birigotte

The best products of the Umbrian territory

The best products of the Umbrian territory, carefully selected and checked, are marketed under the brand Le Birigotte in our Amelia store and in the online shop. Le Birigotte were six sisters: women with big, smiling eyes, who were hospitable and generous. At their house, dinner time was always a moment of celebration. Their cooking skills were well known, making every dish exquisite. And all of them, like Domenico, the head of the family – known as Birigotti – loved to share in however much or however little they had, with a sense of true joy. With Le Birigotte products, we want the celebration to continue today, just like back then. 


Le Birigotte products are handcrafted, respecting seasonality, without preservatives or dyes. For this reason, some of them have limited availability fromone year to the next, as their production is never forced; others have short consumption times in absolute respect of their freshness and integrity.
Legumes (chickpeas, lentils, beans, broad beans), cereals (spelt, ancient grain flour, artisanal ancient grain pasta), sauces, cold cuts and cheeses, the traditional pizza of feast days, Umbria PDO extra virgin olive oil, fresh meat from animals raised in the wild bring the essence of typical Umbrian peasant food to the table. They are packaged in practical formats, which are versatile and able to satisfy even the most exacting palates. We recommend that you enjoy them in company, with family or friends, to truly experience the joyful celebration offered by the Birigotte.

It is a unique oil in the world 

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