Italyheart’s company statute formally undertakes to reserve 2% of the company’s annual profits for solidarity initiatives, which are chosen directly by the members of the Ecofamily.
We ask all customers of the restaurant C’era una volta in Amelia, all those who buy products from our Amelia store or our online shop, and, in general, those who join the Ecofamily to choose which of the charity actions they want to join. Simply fill in the appropriate coupon (which you will receive from our staff) and insert it into one of the four urns of the Well of Life. Then leave it to us to worry about the money! 


The initiatives to be chosen concern four different aspects of solidarity:

“I choose life”

the Daniele Chianelli Life Committee 

for the support, treatment, and care of children and adults suffering from leukaemia, lymphoma and cancer, as well as and their families, scientific research and the improvement of hospital facilities(

Movement for life Italy,

to assist and support teenage mothers who have chosen to continue with their pregnancies and have their babies, despite the economic difficulties in which they find themselves (


Adopt a Rajo olive tree
Theaim is to contribute to the protection and enhancement of nature and the environment around us. With “Adopt a Rajo olive tree”, we want to safeguard the rare cultivar that is characteristic of our region and offers us that  precious elixir that is L’Infinito extra virgin olive oil.


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