It is a unique oil in the world


L’Infinito is the extra virgin olive oil characteristic of our region. It is a unique oil in the world, because it is obtained from ancient olive trees of the Rajo variety, which are found only in the areas of Amelia, Narni and Orvieto, the so-called Terre de L’Infinito.
It is, therefore, the precious fruit of nature’s generosity and the painstaking work of our olive growers, who, over the centuries, have protected plants and tradition, allowing both to reach us unchanged today. The bitter and spicy flavour of L’Infinito, its fruity aromas and its intense green colour have the power to fascinate palates and enhance carefully selected combinations of foods. Not to mention its sensorial properties, which make it a true elixir of long life. 

Technical features:

Low acidity: < 0.35 (Umbria PDO specification < 0.6; Extra virgin olive oil < 0.8)

Low level of peroxides: < 3 (Umbria PDO specification < 12; Extra virgin olive oil < 20) 

Nutraceutical components: Oleuropein > 400
Oleuropein is the main polyphenol present in the leaves and fruits of the olive tree, and is responsible for their bitter taste. Like all phytoalexins, it has antimicrobial, fungicidal and insecticidal properties, conferring it an important role in the defence against infections and infestations.
Beneficial properties have been attributed to oleuropein against numerous diseases such as cancers, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and neurodegenerative diseases. These properties are not limited to the known antioxidant power of polyphenols; more recent studies have, in fact, begun to demonstrate the clinical efficacy of the administration of oleuropein inhumans, explaining the molecular and cellular mechanisms through which this substance and its metabolites exert their beneficial effects, which are then the basis of the nutritional virtues commonly associated with the so-called Mediterranean Diet.

Sensory analysis

Appearance: emerald green

Bouquet: fruity, with tones of fresh vegetables, and hints of mown grass and fresh legumes

Taste: bitter and spicy, pleasant and balanced, accompanied by notes of spring vegetables and hints of walnut. Concludes with a taste of freshly picked broad beans 

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