About us


Italyheart is acompany in which partners, employees, suppliers and customers share the same values, feel part of a big family and, just like in a family, are supportive, attentive and respectful of each other, but also with regard to the Land and its fruits.


Italyheart also selects its suppliers not only for the quality of the products and their uniqueness, but above all because their excellence stems from the same desire that we have to offer those who buy and enjoy them a sincere, authentic and healthful experience. Our suppliers respect the Italyheart production decalogue. 


Our customers, who are not merely customers. For them, enjoying our products means returning to an ancient pleasure, which stems from the unique flavour of natural and healthy ingredients, mixed with that of the typical sociability of our region. Our customers, for the most part, become loyal friends and the best ambassadors of the Italyheart Ecofamily.