Le Birigotte

Once, they were six sister members of an ancient Umbrian peasant family.

They had large eyes, sweet smile and big heart. They were able to spread over the values ​​of sharing. Hospitality and generosity were member of their home. Their skill in cooking made every dish exquisite.

The moment of dinner was always a feast, where Domenico, the householder (called “Birigotti”) use to share with true joy with everyone, the little or much he had.

Our Umbrian cuisine is still based on this principle of simplicity and love where the “secrets” are handed from mother to daughter.

As the feast continues, we like to share with all of you, lovers of nature and beauty, the pleasure of tasting our natural products coming from Ancient Love.

Our products are handmade in respect of their naturalness. The result is simply the genuineness of the rural Umbrian tradition.


Some products are limited in availability depending on the seasonality of production. Some have short consumption times.

The grandparents teach the children, in our homeland, the respect for the nature and its fruits: the food on the table is a gift of nature that could not be wasted.

Our family products are packaged in small format so they can be tested all in one meal so you can feel all essence of Umbrian farmhand meal.


We recommend to enjoy them in company, in family, with friends, to meditate and share together the emotions aroused by aromas and flavours as rare as wonderful.

The Products